Koalas in Space Book + 2 x Matchy Matchy reading socks

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Koalas in Space is a short story book that will take our readers out of this world on a neurodiverse adventure filled with belief and imagination. We want to encapsulate children with conditions such as Autism and ADHD to feel valued, supported, included and accepted - To ensure difference is embraced and celebrated.

Our adult and kids bamboo reading socks are the perfect additions to our book. For that full immersive reading experience, making sure you match your mini with adult and kids socks is a must!


1 x Koalas in Space book
2 x Adult Koalas in Space reading socks
2 x Kids Koalas in Space reading socks

*Kids socks fit most 2-8 year olds.
**Adult one size fits most. Due to the bamboo/nylon make-up the socks have a lot of elasticity. 

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Fantastic book

I have 4 nuro diverse children, i brought this book to read to them to understand there nuro diversity. We loved the book that much that I ordered a second one and gave it to our local daycare center as our parting gift, so more children can enjoy the story of the adventurous koala. The illustrations and brightness are really eye catching and fun for children of all ages. I have to fight my boys to take of there socks to wash them haha.
10/10 highly recommend