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Dark Green Black Stripes Compression Socks
Beatriz Leczko Von Linsingen

really like them :)

Beyond happy 😊

I’m beyond happy with my Funky compression socks. Love the the colour and pattern but most of all they are sooooo comfortable ❤️

Super comfy

When I put these on for the first time, I was bervous at how tight they felt - but once on, my legs felt amazing. Can't wait yo use on my next long haul flight.
From a purchasing POV - arrived quickly, great quality product. All up highly recommend.

Great socks

Just the right amount of support.

great socks

I bought these socks to help my legs as I sit most of my work day. The quality is great and my legs feel lighter at the end of the day than before. I am looking forward to the longer term benefits as well.

Love love these socks and so very comfortable to wear as I’m on my feet all day

Kankles to Ankles

These socks are great. Easy to pull on and off. Firm but not too tight. They adjust to your leg shape and don’t form small folds or creases around your feet and ankles. Fun colours that blend with what you wear. Super quick delivery. And most importantly, reduce swelling (for me) around my ankles.

I have lymphatic issues and these socks dig in to the leg under the knee. Also they don’t breathe.


Thanks for taking the time to leave ua a review. It sounds like you don't have the correct length/size if the socks are digging in under the knee. This would also explain why they are not breathing properly.

Please reach out to us using our contact email address and we'll get this sorted immediately. I will also try and reach you directly from our hello@ email

Thank you!

Great service

I had a fantastic experience with Funky Sock Co. I order the incorrect size but they were swapped out with no fuss at all. I will definitely buy again when I need to.

Comfy and warm

These socks are great for the colder months and are very comfortable. My ankles are less swollen too - bonus! I absolutely love the funky colours too!

Fantastic! They are what they say and funky. Thankyou

Funky socks are funky great

These socks really work and have seriously reduced the swelling in my ankles after working a 8 hour nursing shift.

So comfortable, don’t even know that you are wearing them!
Definitely buy them again.

3 pack compression socks

Love the fit, great colours and very comfy to wear. I'm on my feet always at work, so it's a relief to have great support.

Cool socks

Awesome socks

Amazing Relief

I have had aching legs for years and thought there was really nothing I could do. Since wearing these compression socks my legs have felt so good. Thank you for your amazing Australian product.

Live them

Great variety good quality fit well and fast delivery

Funky cool comfortable

Great comfy socks that look great and excellent quality, very easy transaction and fast shipping , have a look at the designs, how could you not want them ?

Great Compression Socks

These socks do a great job at preventing my ankles from swelling. Also I bought the wrong size and they exchanged them straightaway with no problems.

So colourful & so helpful!!

I’m so impressed with these socks! Not only do they look absolutely gorgeous and fun but they are an essential item for a POTS sufferer! They are fabulous for circulation issues and that ‘heavy’ leg feeling.
They are easy to put on and feel great. The colours & designs make you feel happy & you WANT to wear them!

Bought these for daughter who drives mine trucks on 12 hr shifts. She loves the funky designs, the support they give her feet and legs. Lots of comments from co workers. Might start a healthy sock trend.

Great- as advertised with a firm weave.

Colour is much more black/grey than advertised images.

These were not as bright in tone as advertised on the website. They were navy blue, not purple. Size is firm but as advertised.

Hi Kerri,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.
We're sorry the product was not as you expected visually. Unfortunately colours can differ on a backlit screen to in person. We do have this as a disclaimer when purchasing but will do better to ensure it is more visible for future customers.

Thanks for your feedback!

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