Our Story.
In early 2020, one of the biggest global crises in generations occurred in Australia. Life both here and all around the world began to change very rapidly and the levels of psychological distress and mental health began to rise.
It was at this time that Funky Sock Co was born. We were ambitious in wanting to find a unique and creative way to support our local community and help people find their fun again. We began designing socks that could make people smile and laugh - We got creative in imagining what socks could look like with maximum personality.

From Disco Sloths and Gym Guinea Pigs, to Bin Chickens (riding Wheelie Bins of course)Aussie Kangaroos, Koalas in Space, we received an overwhelming response and began building an amazing community in a very uncertain time.

Fast forward 2023 and our values have grown. We are, even more so now, incredibly motivated to create products that empower self-expression, individuality and most importantly fun!

We still have ‘The funkiest Bamboo Socks in the Universe’ but have also expanded our range to Funky Compression Socks which have inclusive sizing up to 7XL, Kids and Adult Reef/Water shoes and even a Children’s book that celebrates Neurodiversity.

So join our Community and this exciting journey! We have over 3000+ Verified 5 Star Reviews from amazing customers who love what we’re doing!

What we're about.
We are incredibly motivated towards one main goal: To empower self expression, individuality and fun through the products we provide.

Our Small Business has personality.
Our first product was Funky Bamboo Socks. Our designs are not just copied and pasted all over - Artist @binx_designs has spent hours designing the entire socks top to bottom. This ensures our socks are unique and have maxium personality.
After the overwhelming success of our Funky Bamboo Socks have since expanded our range to Compression Socks, Nordic Cotton Socks, Water Shoes for Adults and Kids and several other products. We are motivated to be a one stop shop for all - We have something for all ages and sizes having sold our products to over 50,000 + Happy Customers between our Online Store, Distributor and Market channels. 
Funky Sock Co is different.
We are incredibly passionate about the environment ensuring we only have only used the highest quality of materials and minimal environmental impact along the way. We use:
- OEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD Sustainable Bamboo for our Bamboo Socks.
- High quality Cotton, Nylon, Spandex and Woollen Blends.
- FSC certified cardboard packaging with no plastic hooks or kimble barbsWe use bamboo fibre to join our bamboo socks to the packaging.
- Non-toxic dyes and non-toxic inks.
- All orders are sent in 100% compostible eco-mailers made from corn starch and FSC certified cardboard mailer boxes.

We support our community.

Funky Sock Co is operated on the Gold. Coast Queensland. We regularly attend local markets and also Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We have supported many fund raising campaigns including Livin’, MOB (Men of Business) and Socks for Docs day at Griffith University to name a few.

We have inspected our factories.
Many businesses in Australia source their products from Turkey or China - A factory may look very appealing on paper, however you really have have no idea about excessive overtime, crowded and unsafe working conditions, underage workers etc. 
We have visited our factories several times to ensure ethical manufacturing practices are upheld and all certificates of compliance are up to date - This is very important to us.
We speak with Amy, Alice, Mavis, Jack and Freeman daily discussing designs, colours, manufacturing set backs, shipping etc. Amy is our first point of contact - She has two children and loves taking them rollerskating (See Jack, Mavis, Corey and Freeman below)
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